How to Order


You can order by: -

By Online Order/Enquiry:
You can also go online, select your design, view your colours, choose size and click send enquiry button, fill in your details, if you want customization, you can attach your logos online, you can use our club crest templates, finalize numbering details, etc online. If you want to order different sizes, you can just mention them in remarks box instead of making enquiry for each size.
This is the best and time saving option, go online, choose your design, colours, size, quantity and send enquiry. Somebody will respond within 24 hours.

If you want to order by phone, Please call us at 0121 661 6419. Please make sure you have finalized your design, colours, sizes, quantity, customization details, etc before ringing us.
By Post:
If you want to order by post, please send all your order details to our Shop address: -
Joshila Sports Limited,
558 Green Lane, Small Heath,
Birmingham B9 5QG,
Please send complete details and dont forget to write your contact details like name, address, contact number, contact times.
By Email:
If you want to order by email, please send all details by email to, you can send logos by attachments.